It’s time to clean the Republican house

By Frank J Tamel

I never liked George Bush

Jail the politiciansThey all need to go, especially the weak-kneed neocons that controlled the Republican Party during the George W. Bush administration. I was suspicious of W when he ran against Al Gore. That’s probably because I adhere to the thought that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Bush 41 was no conservative Republican. He was a moderate who broke his no new taxes pledge. Therefore I surmised that W was also a moderate. The fact that W kept us safe from another terror attack after 9/11 is noteworthy, but Clinton also kept us safe after the first WTC attack. Bush’s economic policies were nonsensical, and the Republicans who supported him sold us out by expanding government and spending like a bunch of swabbies in an Atlantic City brothel. Now that Obama is using Bush’s policies as a launching pad to shoot beyond the moon in spending, the Republicans suddenly got religion.

Fool me once …

Even though I knew that W was not a true conservative, I voted for him. He was, after all, the lesser of two evils and I castigated my kids when I learned that two of them voted for Clinton. Had there been a good third party choice, I still would have voted Republican back then. That’s because I fell for the line that Republicans are the party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Bush’s tagline of “Compassionate Conservative” should have been a tip off. When government talks about compassion it always means more spending on programs and entitlements. But I walked into the voting booth and, zombie-like, pulled the lever for “Republican straight party ticket.” Never again.

I will not vote for any incumbent running for a third term

Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan is a great guy. He’s smart, politically savvy, and has some excellent ideas regarding healthcare and reducing the deficit. Before he became a congressman he was an economist. Who better to represent the people during hard financial times? But Ryan voted in favor of the $700 billion stimulus package at the end of Bush’s term. I can’t forgive him for that. Sorry, Paul, you won’t get my support next time, even though you may be the best candidate running in the next election cycle, because you never apologized for that lapse in judgment. Had you apologized because you were sold a blind pig, just like the rest of Congress, I’d reconsider.

Can’t we all just get along?

I am tired of Republicans in name only (RINOs) who claim to wear the conservative mantel but kowtow to Democrats on issues. It’s rare to find a Republican senator standing firm against the storm of liberalism. So we, as citizens suffer from the whacko strategies that liberals put forward while the RINOs whine that they don’t have the votes to stop them. For a time during the Bush administration the Republicans controlled both houses and the presidency. So when they did have the votes they still governed like Democrats, and wasted time trying to build consensus and just get along with their opponents. Republicans can’t stop Obama’s spending, but right now they have a marvelous opportunity to battle furiously against the confirmation of racially biased Hispanic Sonia Sotomayer for the Supreme Court. But I fear that Senate Republicans are determined to play nice so that they won’t offend the Hispanic voting block.

What makes the Republicans think that by confirming Sotomayer they will gain any Hispanic favor? Hey, the Democrats went to war to stop the confirmations of two well-qualified Hispanics, Alberto Gonzalez, and Miguel Estrada and the Democrats didn’t lose a single Hispanic vote. Consider that Obama, who as a senator voted to filibuster the nominations, carried nearly seventy percent of the Hispanic vote. Where is the Republican spine? Since when does getting votes replace doing the right thing?

How to get back what we have lost

It’s time to embrace term limits. If congress won’t pass a term-limits law, voters need to have a term-limits mindset. Conservatives need to start by replacing RINOs. Here’s why: Republican senators have proven themselves to be a bunch of wimps.

I keep hearing that voters are philosophically right of center. Not true. The political center is, in reality, the exact middle between total government control and anarchy. As Republicans have kowtowed to Democrats and allowed the size of government to increase, their party has made a dramatic shift to the left. If Americans are philosophically in the center between Republicans and Democrats, that puts the American people even farther left than the Republicans. That means that the U.S. is no longer a right-center country, but a left-center one.

Republicans need to make a hard right turn

Colin Powel, a RINO of the first magnitude, cannot be the mouthpiece of the Republican party of it is ever to regain power and bring this nation back to greatness. There is too much talk of the Republican big tent, where they embrace progressive ideas and invite moderates in to increase the number of citizens who will vote Republican. The conservative wing of the party is being pushed aside to make room for the Democrat-light wing.

We need conservative politicians who will pull the nation back to the right. Don’t vote for Republican incumbents just because they call themselves Republicans. Vote for true conservatives during the next election cycle.


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