Miss California Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Left

By Aaron M. Rodriguez


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Miss California Carrie Prejean was Ambushed

During the 2009 Miss USA pageant, contestant Carrie Prejean’s answer to a politically charged question became the subject of pandemic controversy. (Gay celebrity blogger turn beauty pageant judge) Perez Hilton asked Prejean if she believed that the U. S. should follow the state of Vermont down the path of legalizing gay marriage. Carrie Prejean responded:


“Well I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman.”

Aftermath of the Beauty Pageant

The following day, Perez Hilton lambasted her on his blog calling her a dumb bitch with only half a brain. He went on to say things deemed too inappropriate to repeat on this site, not to mention defacing her photo in a very perverted and disgusting way. I have a few thoughts on this before I get into the hypocrisy of the left.

First, why is a gay blogger a beauty pageant judge? I don’t pose this question because gay men can’t truly admire the full presentation of female beauty, but rather because Hilton has a reputation for brash blog posts, aggressive gossip, and gay activism. He was a freelance writer for several gay publications, so it’s not exactly a surprise that he might ask beauty contestants a question concerning issues of the gay orientation.

Second, why isn’t more attention paid to the fact that Hilton posed a question for the sole purposes of forwarding his gay agenda? Working off the premise that most contestants would choose the politically correct response (in order to win), Hilton saw an opportunity to use the U.S.A beauty pageant to televise a pro-gay marriage stance. Perez Hilton asked,


“Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

Afterward, Perez Hilton said her response was the worst in pageant history. Well then, what is the point of asking a question if there is only one correct answer? My answer: to forward a personal agenda. Perez Hilton whined about how Prejean's answer alienated millions of gay and lesbian Americans:


"Miss USA should represent everyone. Her answer alienated millions of gay and lesbian Americans, their families and their supporters."

Well, Mr. Hilton, if you didn't want Miss California to alienate millions of people, then why did you ask her an alienating question? If her answer was "yes, I support gay marriage," it would have alienated more people than if she had answered "no, I oppose gay marriage." It stands to reason, therefore, that whoever selected Hilton to be a judge ought to be fired on the basis of poor discretion, unless of course, they enjoy the current controversy generated by Hilton’s hate-based rants?


The Hypocrisy of Liberals

In Bill O’Reilly’s column called “The Destruction of Miss California ”, he builds a case of hypocrisy on the left. He asks,

“Where is the ACLU on this? That great defender of speech and freedom has been totally silent.”

Again he asks,


“Where is the National Organization for Women? A young woman is being victimized by hate speech, actually being called a bitch on a variety of television programs, and NOW has no comment?”

The issue is relatively clear. Unless you possess a leftist ideology, your freedom of speech isn’t as valuable and certainly not worthy of full protection and embracement by organizations who are supposed to promote individual liberty. I don’t think anyone really expected the ACLU to defend Prejean, but shouldn’t the National Organization for Women have addressed this issue? Of course not, they are a liberal organization under the guise of fighting for all women that only protects women that are pro-choice and pro-lesbian/gay diversity, hence the reason they didn’t endorse Sarah Palin in the 2008 election and let her and her family take such a beating by press.


Final Thoughts on Miss California

In a supposedly civil and enlightened world of liberalism, tolerance is not extended toward those hold cherished values of faith. Carrie Prejan was asked about gay marriage, and she expressed it the best way she knew how. As a result, hatemongers are releasing photos of her past modeling career and attacking her family for being evangelical and homophobic. Folks, the culture of hatred is upon us. Organizations that bill themselves as defenders of freedom and minority groups are only interested in a promoting liberal ideology. It really is a sad state of affairs when the freedom of expression is under such vicious attack.

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