The Arrogance of the Statist

By Frank J. Tamel

Socialism: a Failed Experiment

American FlagYears ago I had a conversation with a young man who was attending San Jose State University. The subject eventually turned toward the socialization of America. When I told him that Socialism has never worked in any nation where it was tried, he exclaimed, “That’s because we weren’t running it.”

And so it goes with statists

The direction in which Obama and his henchmen are taking this country is not new, regardless of his rhetoric touting, “Hope and change.” The government take over of the auto industry was tried under Hitler in pre WWII Germany. Italy nationalized the banks in Italy under Mussolini. England has had nationalized health care for decades.

It doesn’t matter that the European system of government that they are trying to shove down American’s throats has failed in every country where it has been tried, American liberals, or statists (those who believe in the supremacy of the state), who think that they alone will get it right. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Never mind that our ship of state is powered by American ingenuity and free enterprise. Socialism is the torpedo that is about to sink us.

Mark Levin said,

“The Founders understood that the greatest threat to liberty is an all-powerful central government, where the few dictate to the many.”

It seems strange to me that the United States is moving toward European style socialism at warp speed while Europe, which had leaned left throughout the twentieth century, is shifting back toward the conservative approach. According to European columnists David Gauthier-Villars and Marcus Walker,

“… Right-wing parties across the continent began offering more pragmatic approaches to policy than they had traditionally done. In the past decade, conservative parties introduced competition or privatized some public services in France, Germany and Italy …”

Europe is moving to the right

The reality is that Europe, which has had its fill of nationalization, is embracing privatization of services at nearly the same speed that Obama’s America is nationalizing the automobile, banking, and other important industries.

Citizens of Europe and Canada willingly admit that nationalized health care doesn’t provide the quality of care that the American system does. Foreigners regularly come to the United States for health care procedures. But Obama insists on taking us to the very same system that requires people to wait months for surgery and rationed health services. Under Obama, if your seventy-six year old mother needs a hip replacement, some bureaucrat could refuse the procedure based on the fact that she is too old.

Forget the hype that Americans will be able to keep their private health insurance if they prefer. Under Obama care, business owners will opt out of the expense of insurance payments for their employees because the employees can just shift over to the government plan. It wouldn’t be the employee’s choice that mattered. It would be the business owners’ choice to not offer health insurance at all.

Which health care plan will your congressman have?

A good rule of thumb to determine whether the government is putting forth a reasonably good plan is to determine whether the Congress is subject to the same rules and restrictions as the citizens. The current health care legislation winding its way to the halls of congress exempts Congress from any of the bill’s requirements. Fair? Well, no.

If Obama gets his single payer health care plan off the ground we will have European style health care as surely as a heart attack can be fatal. But there is no need for concern because the statists will be running it. Yeah, right.

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