Who is the Leader of the Democrat Party?

By Aaron M. Rodriguez

Diversionary Tactics by Democrats

Nancy Pelosi In the past month or so, liberals have pushed the issue that the Republican party is in shambles without any identifiable leadership. The modus operandi of this point comes in the form of a simple question, “Who is the leader of the GOP”? Gallup accelerated the politicization of this issue by conducting a relevant poll, the conclusion of which showed that people perceive that the GOP as having no clear leader. Currently, all one has to do is create this question in a Google search and a plethora of Op-Eds will emerge – almost all written by liberal ideologues.

What is the point of this question? Is it reasonable to conclude that an ousted political party ought to have a single, prominent leader? If so, then who was the leader of the Democrat party for the last eight years? Was it Nancy Pelosi or perhaps Harry Reid? Did the media ever focus on the lack of Democrat leadership after they lost consecutive elections? If they did, I don’t recall.

Also, why does an ousted party need a leader? Some might say a GOP leader is needed so the DNC can use him/her as a diversionary scapegoat. Did they not tear into Governor Jindal’s poor performance when he emerged as a GOP leader following the general election? Didn’t the White House and liberal media go after Rush Limbaugh in an attempt to tie him to the GOP leadership? Does anyone actually remember the Bush Administration going after a single radio or TV personality? I don’t.

Yes, the GOP has no Leader, but Neither do Democrats

And finally, who is the current Democrat leader? Most will say it’s Barack Obama, but he isn’t leading his liberal base. Nancy Pelosi, Louise Slaughter, Barney Frank, Jeff Nadler, Gerry Connolly, Bernie Sanders, and our very own Russ Feingold are opposing the White House on the issue of releasing compromising military pictures. The Obama Administration is arguing that the release of pictures that show military personnel involved in so-called torture will only put our troops in more danger. However, Democrats like Russ Feingold would rather media networks like Al Jazeera plaster these images over the internet so terrorist regimes can use it as a recruitment tool.

The ACLU argues that we need to release these photos “to restore the rule of law, to revive our moral standing in the world and to lead a transparent government.” This is liberalism at its finest. Let’s use pictures of our military interrogating terrorists as a way to revive our moral standing in the world. It’s truly amazing that Democrats, with their fallacious anti-military ideology, still manage to win elections.

Ironically, the Democrats don’t have a prominent leader. A Democrat-controlled Congress is bucking President Obama on military pictures, cap in trade, transferring Gitmo detainees, cutting agricultural subsidies, and increasing the tax on charitable contributions. I think anyone can understand that when a party won’t follow their leader, then he’s not a real leader.

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