Fernandez' Response to Evers' Scandal

Press Release By Rose Fernandez

"This is exactly why we need to change DPI.

Image"I was dismayed to hear that my opponent may have broken state law by soliciting campaign funds and other forms of support from a public official via taxpayer-funded resources; and, that he apparently asked that same official to use his position and state resources to bring even more funds into his vast campaign war chest. This 'win at all cost' mentality is a poor example to set for our state's schoolchildren.

"Democrats, Republicans and Independents are supporting my candidacy because I can bring an independent voice and a fresh perspective to the Department of Public Instruction. Despite my broad coalition of support, I knew going into this race that with the Madison-based teachers' union throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars behind my opponent, we would be the underdog in this race. However, I had not counted on Mr. Evers also having the use of public employees and taxpayer resources to raise campaign money for him.

"Despite these odds, I still have faith in the voters of Wisconsin. We came in a close second in the Primary despite being vastly outspent. Voters have been invigorated by my positive call for higher academic standards, merit pay for teachers, and honest educational reform. With two weeks left, this race is tied, and despite the looming special interest TV ads and Mr. Evers' apparent abuse of the public trust and public resources, we continue our campaign to change DPI.

"Those who are interested in leveling the playing field can legally contribute to our campaign at Change DPI"


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