Rose Fernandez is Shaking Things Up

By Aaron M. Rodriguez

ImageA special congratulations is in order for Rose Fernandez. In yesterday's primary, Fernandez needed to defeat her conservative competitor, Van Mobley, in order to face the favored Tony Evers in the general election. There were five contenders vying for votes yesterday, Tony Evers secured roughly 35% of the vote while Fernandez received nearly 31%. On April 7th, Rose Fernandez will face Tony Evers in the general election.

The key to Fernandez' primary victory lies in her tenacious reputation of being strong advocate for parents. Her constituency knows that she is willing to lock horns with any entity or special interest group that wants to restrict parental choice. And yes, this includes the WEAC.

Evers has the backing of the local media and the Teachers' Union, and thus he will be a formidable opponent. However, in order to win, Evers must confront Fernandez' swelling grassroots movement of concerned parents and frustrated taxpayers. This will be an interesting story to follow.

The April election will be one of ideas. MPS has nearly bankrupted our state government while plummeting in achievement rates. The people are fed up failure, and they desire change. A status quo approach will be a difficult sell, and the momentum is currently with Fernandez. Although Evers will enjoy the full support of influential entities, he will have to compete with the bold and powerful ideas of an outsider and reformer.

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