Tony Evers’ Scandal?

By Aaron M. Rodriguez

Tony Evers On Friday, February 27th, radio personality Mark Belling broke a news story that the Evers' campaign used state resources to promote a March fundraising event. Jeff Dickert, the director of the Green Bay school district, used a government email system to encourage school administrators to attend the Green Bay fundraiser and to forward the message to other school officials in the Green Bay District. The email also contained an attachment that instructed recipients how to donate to Evers’ campaign.

As Belling noted, state laws are quite specific that public resources are not to be used for political campaigns. In Dickert's email, he reasoned that Evers needed their [the Green Bay school district] help to get a true educator in DPI for the next four years. So, it has become apparent that outsider Rose Fernandez is not just engaged in an uphill battle against a powerful teacher’s union and the local media, but apparently has to battle Wisconsin’s Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESA) as well.

What is not clear at the moment is if Jeff Dickert is real player in Evers' campaign. Based upon the email, we know that Dickert is a coworker and supporter of Tony Evers. We also know that Dickert used CESA’s broad networking system to raise support and money for Evers's campaign. If, however, we find that Dickert is a real player in Evers’ campaign, there will be serious political ramifications in the next few weeks. If revealed, it would demonstrate to the electorate just how important it is that DPI needs reform.

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