Tony Evers the Reformer?

My dear friend, George Lightbourn, from WPRI has written a satirical letter to DPI Superintendent Tony Evers which I thought was worthy of a mention.  When I initially saw the title, I thought I fell into a worm hole traveling back in time to earlier this year.  I wrote a lot about Tony Evers in February and March, so I’m familiar with Lightbourn’s topic. 

In Lightbourn’s letter, he questions Tony Evers’ reformist credentials.  After all, he was endorsed by the teachers’ union, so it’s doubtful Evers would ever support tightening the belt strap on teachers’ pay or benefits.  If we're not going to reform MPS' massive costs, then we should focus on education reform.  However, WEAC has traditionally resisted any sort of testing criteria in order to evaluate teacher performance.  Without a standard, how can true reform take place? 

The real reformer wasn’t elected, so Milwaukee is unfortunately stuck with is the status quo.  I could be wrong, but Tony Evers has his work cut out for him.  Like Lightbourn intimated, how is MPS going to qualify for federal funds without real reformation?  Perhaps Evers should adopt Fernandez’ idea of turnaround teams?  In fact, if he gives her a call, I'm sure she would lend him a hand.  Good luck Mr. Evers, you’re going to need it.   


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