I worked at a MPS high school for two years and can verify that the district needs to invest more time weeding out bad employees. I had a supervisor who was responsible for the safety and security of the school. They stole, lied, left while on the clock to run personal errands, and when they were called out on it by other employees under their supervision, they threatened and black mailed them. This school has a very high turn over in this department because of this one person. This person was moved a few times within the district in the past. The students at this school repeatedly stated that this person was known to have relations with students even. I eventually decided to just focus on leaving because administration clearly did not care to even look into it. They viewed me as part of the problem because I was forcing them to do their job. I now have worked in a different local school district for a few years. I am very happy to have put those two years behind me.