Wisconsin Democrats recently called on Paul Ryan to offer specifics about his party’s tax plan. State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca issued a statement saying, “It’s time for specifics, leading means being straight, giving us the details.”

Barca is right. Leading requires a certain level of specification. There is no time better than the present for Barca to ask Senate Democrats why they've failed to provide a budget for the past three years. These are the sorts of specifics that leaders are supposed to provide, a vision for the country’s finances that attempt to hold our elected leaders accountable for tough choices on debt concerns.

Democrats have largely avoided offering a budget this year to keep vulnerable members safe in an election year. It didn’t stop Republicans, however.

Congressman Ryan authored a budget that passed in the House, but stalled in a Democratic-led Senate. Ryan’s proposal sought to rein in entitlements and lower deficits, a teachable moment for Barca on the meaning of true leadership.

President Obama billed himself as a post-partisan outsider that would shake up Washington and unify the country. The benefit of unity, of course, is intra-party collaboration; but when leaders can't or won’t pass a budget, it sends a message to the public that our president has failed to lead.

Last week, El Conquistador Newspaper called Rep. Don Pridemore's Madison Office to inquire about a Media Tracker's report that Pridemore had used government resources to issue a presidential endorsement.  As Media Trackers reported:

"The clue is that Rep. Pridemore’s endorsement press release as reported by WisPolitics cites his taxpayer funded phone number in the state Capitol. When Media Trackers called the number to inquire about the press release, a staffer responded via email that they could not respond because the matter bordered on being a campaign issue."

On Wednesday, Pridemore staffer Christi Constaneda released this statement to El Conquistador, “It appears that, in the excitement of the latest presidential primary, an endorsement of Mitt Romney was sent from my state email account. I meant no disrespect to the office that the people have elected me to represent and I take full responsibility for this error."

Although we've had serous disagreements with Rep. Pridemore in the past, we applaud him for coming clean with us.

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