Concern in the Leftosphere

February 15th - the day after Valentines - will be a day of yet more anxiety and fear among the liberal left in Wisconsin.  After experiencing the biggest shift from Democrat to Republican in Wisconsin's history, liberals are in no mood to keep losing elections.  They need some consolation, and they are aiming at the Judicial and Executive branches of government.

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

The election of incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser represents the protection of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) from further constitutional challenges.  In the 1990s, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Jackson V. Bensen.  When it was all said and done, MPCP passed a three-pronged judicial test of whether it violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, whether it served a secular legislative purpose, and whether it created excessive entanglement issues between government and religion.

It is not unimaginable, therefore, that if Justice Prosser loses his seat, School Choice would be vulnerable to another Supreme Court challenge.  In other words, if a liberal candidate were to unseat Justice Prosser, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program could be shut down and schools like St. Anthony's on the south-side of Milwaukee would no longer exist.  Democrats are very much in bed with teachers' unions, and they will not tolerate students moving to non-unionized schools.  Tilting Wisconsin's Supreme Court to the left is really as simple as taking school vouchers out of the hands of 20,000 of our poorest children in Milwaukee.   

State Representative Jeff Stone

The election of Scott Walker to Governor was a big punch in the gut to the philosophy of liberalism, (i.e., spending, government growth, and unionism).  The only consolations liberals in Milwaukee County had was that Walker would no longer be their County Executive.  Yet, if Representative Jeff Stone edges out either Chris Abele or Jim Sullivan - depending how the primary goes - liberals will have to deal with yet another conservative for the remainder of the term.  Liberals will stop at nothing to ensure that Jeff Stone as Milwaukee County Executive will never happen.

Unlike Jim Sullivan - a union darling and sock-puppet - Stone was the only candidate in the race who voted against increasing government pensions.  And whereas Stone had voted against increased government spending, Sullivan voted for the largest tax increase in state history.  It's really no surprise that Sullivan's constituents kicked him out of office just three months ago, but it's surprising - even to me - that he's arrogant enough to think the voters got it wrong.  To Sullivan, being voted out of office means we must him as the Executive of Wisconsin's largest county government.

And Chris Abele is really no gem either.  He has been proudly seeking the support of Milwaukee's unions while doing a cameo at the 20th anniversary dinner for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.  Which is it Mr. Abele?  Are you supportive of school reform, or are you going to be another sock-puppet by an institution that has resisted reform for the better part of 20 years? 


There can be no doubt that Justice Prosser is an important part of preserving the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.  The Hispanic community, by and large, support School Choice and are participating in the program a surprising rates.  Justice Prosser is an ally of the Hispanic community in this regard, and it would be wise for Hispanics on the south-side to recognize this.

Representative Jeff Stone is also a key figure in the fight to keep government spending low and a fight to keep the county fiscally solvent.  Abele talks about restoring lost services while Sullivan has a proven track record of unbridled spending.  The decision to cut government spending is never easy.  People will always be affected.  But at some point, the spending of government overcomes the ability of taxpayers to pay.  And that is why I believe that Jeff Stone is the best candidate for Milwaukee County Executive.

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