I must contest against this article as a tax paying citizen.

I realize the tax implication of this project with all clarity. Just as stated in the article there is no shyness to the fact that this is a factor in decision making in any case whether it be a stadium tax or the marquette interchange.

What I must pose to all readers is a few questions regarding the future, our society our economics and of course ecology. What will we do when we have expounded our fossil fuels? Do you think as a society, (especially in this current economic climate) that we will be able to make significant changes in the way we get around with hybrid vehicles with its high costs? With the down turn is it not evident that we as Americans have been cheated into believing that we can afford these excessive lifestyles and told that it comes with no price?

I say now that I as a tax payer believe that it is my ethical duty to pay taxes for such a project. The reason why ridership is down is because we live in a NOW society that believes that the oppitamy of choice is privacy and a nauseating level of comfortability that mimic the role and responsibilities of a child. All at the expense of the exhaustion of the land, its resources and intern her beauty.
People don't ride and therefore we have to raise prices to keep railways in business. If more people understood the values of shared experiences, community building, efficiency, and stewardship over the land, there would be ridership

I travel the railway on a daily basis. I travel from city to city and beyond, the rails get me to where I want to go. And I have mobility to sustain myself economically. Public transit has an offset social environment that is often enriching and at the same time challenging. All of the things that make up a life, and able bodied compassionate people.

Let me repeat, for the future: It is our ethical duty to pay taxes for civil enhancement. Our choices as Americans will be limited in the future and I urge all to make a timely decision.

People for Shared Mobility.

Thank You.