As you may have noticed, our headline decidedly revoked the honorary title of Chairman from Lee Holloway for a conduct most unfitting of a Chairman.  For some inexplicable reason, Holloway is taking aim at County Executive Chris Abele for "meddling" in his affairs.

This is how it breaks down.  A few weeks ago, Holloway fired a County staffer - David Crowley - for allegedly not addressing him as "Chairman" when the two bumped into each other at a local gym.  For those of us who know Holloway, this really comes as no surprise.  But Abele did the unthinkable.  He posted a comment on Crowley's Facebook page telling him to "hang in there" and that he would "try to do something" about his situation.  Abele could have ignored the situation, but he chose to man up and give the guy some hope.

When Holloway learned of Abele's treachery, it could not go unpunished.  He slipped a note under Abele's door - largely because he didn't have the guts to talk to Abele in person - accusing Abele of having a "big ego."  *Oh the irony*  Holloway's note said, "I am cautioning you to be careful.  Meddling in internal personnel matters at the Legislative Branch is not appreciated and does nothing to help your relationship with the County Board."

Wow!  Okay, Holloway's first sentence is a bit awkward and redundant.  He cautioned Abele to be cautious.  Why?  Because he posted kind remarks on a staffer's Facebook page since Holloway had punished for failing to recognize his greatness outside work.  Holloway also stressed that Abele's actions could compromise his relationship with the County Board.  Interesting.  Abele is not our County Executive so he can suck up to a bunch of part-time Supervisors who think they can check the County Executive much like hockey players check each other in the rink.

In Holloway's short stint as County Executive, he didn't exactly impress.  And that's really too bad because his swearing in ceremony was such a good start.  At his ceremony, he had 250 people attend which included a military honor guard, State Senators, a large contingent of leaders in the black community, two judges swearing him in (as if one wasn't enough), a pastor, and a singer.

Unfortunately, Holloway's short tenure as a County Executive was marred by his relentless problems as a slumlord.  He owns thirteen apartment buildings and duplexes on Milwaukee's north side that were tagged as grossly under code.  In nine of those properties, Holloway had accumulated more than 150 open building code violations including broken doors, defective fire alarms, sinks that didn't work, windows that didn't close, holes in the ceiling, and roach and rodent infestation.  The violations were bad enough that the city put his properties on a "special enforcement list," which required the attention of a dedicated city building inspector.  As Chairman of the Board, Holloway was a big advocate for the poor; but as a slumlord, he didn't give two hoots about the quality of their living conditions.

In contrast, Chris Abele's involvement in our community is virtually unparalleled.  He sat on the boards of more the twenty community-based non-profits and has been the recipient of at least a dozen community awards and honors.  In terms of the private sector - an often unreported topic - Abele had successfully run two businesses, one which he sold to another company for a reasonable profit.  It's too bad that Abele didn't buy a few apartment complexes in Milwaukee's north side to show Holloway what it's like to provide adequate housing for those with few means.

For Holloway to be throwing stones at Abele for having a big ego is just classic Holloway.  From us to Holloway, don't let the door hit you on your way out.



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