Milwaukee (April 3, 2012) – In a recent press release, Tracey Corder claimed that she has run an honest and clean campaign for Milwaukee County Supervisor, further stating that Deanna Alexander, the frontrunner in the race, is unfairly attacking her. “This can not be further from the truth,” says Alexander, “the truth is that Corder has been playing dirty since day one.”

The first incident was when Corder’s campaign manager Nicholas Reindl used email and social networking sites to harass and play dirty tricks on her opponents, while deceitfully blaming Deanna Alexander behind the scenes for his actions.

In February, Alexander received phone calls from voters expressing concern about Corder’s allegiance, which was brought into question when she presented herself to voters as an independent candidate despite being a bona fide Democrat. Corder has also accepted campaign contributions from current Milwaukee County Supervisors, which ensures that she has been compromised.

Voters also expressed concern that Corder had been dishonest about Alexander in regards to worker rights and collective bargaining. Alexander is a public employee, of the county she seeks to represent, and cares very much about worker rights.

In mid-­‐March, Corder falsely claimed Alexander is fully financed by Scott Walker. “I’ve never even met Scott Walker, much less received his support,” said Alexander.

Late March, Alexander received a harassing phone call from Mike Wilder, Corder’s Strategist, who falsely claimed to be a voter.

Finally, the weekend before Election Day, Corder’s representatives were caught red-­‐handed stealing Alexander’s literature, which resulted in police involvement.

“If Corder’s campaign has been ‘clean’ then I would hate to see what dirty campaigning entails,” said Alexander.

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