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In case you missed it, Occupy Milwaukee made its big debut on Saturday protesting in the streets of downtown Milwaukee.  The reason?  Don't ask them because they don't know yet.  A day after they launched their campaign, a group of 60 activists from Occupy Milwaukee attended a general assembly in an attempt to flesh out who and what they are.  Conclusion?  They need another meeting.

Despite not nailing down an official stance, it hasn't stopped liberal advocacy group "One Wisconsin Now" (OWN) from pledging their devoted solidarity.  Unlike Occupy Milwaukee, One Wisconsin Now is certain about where they stand and why they are willing to join.  For instance, OWN has taken the lead on recalling Governor Scott Walker.  It would very advantageous for them to tap into Occupy Milwaukee's vitality while converting it into something like Occupy Wisconsin.

One Wisconsin Now (OWN) hasn't been bashful about their agenda either.  In their statement of support for Occupy Milwaukee, they claimed Wisconsin's midterm election was really an "anti-democratic takeover of state government by corporate special interests," that Governor Walker had "dismantled public education," and that he had stolen their voting rights.  Oh, and we shouldn't neglect the part that Walker stole "our children's futures" as well.  An assessment of OWN's supportive statement shows it had more to do with criticizing Walker than supporting some nebulous occupation movement.

Of the several charges made by OWN, only the first one attempts to bridge the concerns of the Occupation movement with their own political agenda.  Their attempt is fairly anemic since corporate interests tend to affect partisan elections on both sides of the political aisle; it is not a solid rationale for eliciting the participation of Occupy Milwaukee in a Walker recall.

A Tossed Salad They Are

One Wisconsin Now wants to tap into the rage that drives movements like Occupy Milwaukee for a recall agenda.  Wisconsin's unions appear to be on the same page.  Wisconsin's AFL-CIO is encouraging their members to attend occupations of 7 Wisconsin cities listing times and places to join the movement.  But if One Wisconsin Now and the AFL-CIO wish to join, they should get used to working cheek-to-cheek with the American Nazi Party, the Communist Party USA, and the Socialist Party USA.

The American Nazi Party issued a statement declaring that Occupy Wall Street was hand-tailored for their organization.  They are actively urging their members to join the movement.  The Socialist Party USA issued a statement that they support any "mobilizations to occupy Wall St. in New York and various cities across the US."  The Communist Party USA said on their website,

"The epic battle is underway for the direction of our country.  The Occupy movement is not alone.  The remarkable battles of Wisconsin and Ohio for workers' rights; and the extraordinary American Dream movement for jobs not cuts, taxing the rich and ending the wars represent the largest social movements of our times."

Not surprisingly, Occupy Wall Street is a recycled movement.  In 1872, various socialist parties and labor unions allied with anarchists to oppose the U.S Government.  Socialists opposed the federal government because they weren't doing enough to nationalize private sector businesses.   Anarchists opposed it because all government is inherently evil and should be promptly overthrown and dissolved.  The two organizations had antithetical paradigms, but as the saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The Good, the Bad, and the Violent

When Tea Party demonstrators protested, they were angry and often shouted at their Representatives.  Yet there is no doubt that they were clean, responsible, decent, and non-violent.  By contrast, Occupy Wall Street protesters have already trashed lower Manhattan, slandered Wealthy Jews, and defecated on at least one squad car.

They also violently clashed with New York Police during their march to the Stock Exchange.  According to CBS, demonstrators (with broom handles in hand) had an embroilment with police officers wielding night sticks and batons.  Police reported that the conflict occurred when protesters began throwing bottles and bags of garbage at the officers.

And the most recent issue is an allegation of rape at an Occupy Cleveland event.  Due to a shortage of tents, Occupy Cleveland personnel instructed a 19 year old student to share a tent with a fellow protester.  When she went to sleep, the assailant allegedly raped her.  She reported the assault afterward to her teacher.

To be sure, these crimes are isolated incidents at various occupation events.  However, if they are not brought under control, they are enough to tear apart the movement.  In the last three years that Tea Parties have protested their government, they've done nothing that matches the mess of the Occupation movement has made for itself.


Ideologically, Occupy Wall Street protesters don't just want Wall Street to pay their bills, they don't want a Wall Street at all.  If their radical socialist ideology isn't enough to bury the movement first, it is likely that they will collapse under the weight of its own transgressions.

Comments (4)
  • RFM  - Completely ahistorical

    This will be my last contribution, since you've resorted to censoring comments to which you are unable to respond. I'm sure you won't print this either.

    But let me give you a brief history lesson: the demonization of the Socialist Party by simply calling them "socialists" in a blog about Milwaukee is laughable.

    You, like most conservatives, have little to no understanding of socialism, or the political spectrum, or basic aspects of our history.

    Milwaukee's last socialist mayor died a few years ago, not in the "1800s" as you so vaguely state.

    Historians have long praised the contributions the Socialist Party have made to Milwaukee in their specific brand of "sewer socialism", the creation of one of the nation's greatest county park systems (before Scott Walker bungled its management), and making Milwaukee the "Healthiest City" in the US for a time. The longest standing socialist administration IN THE NATION was run by Daniel Hoan of Milwaukee.

    I recommend you read a few books before spewing out the analysis you heard from Jeff Wagner and Mark Belling the previous day.

    But it's okay -- just ignore this post, and continue preaching to the choir.


  • Aaron M. Rodriguez

    Firstly, I didn't censure your comment. I just won't publish posts that have nothing to do with the piece. If you want to throw stones at Hispanics for School Choice, go do it somewhere else.

    Secondly, if I can't call the socialist party of the 1800s a group of socialists, then what else am I to call them? It is not my concern that you take the term pejoratively.

    Thirdly, I think it would be helpful if you reread what I wrote. Nowhere in my post would it have been pertinent for me to discuss the sewage history of Milwaukee. Was there a movement assembled by socialists, communists, unionists, and anarchists that resulted in sewer socialism? If these varying groups did not assemble together in Milwaukee, then it's not relevant.

  • Skip

    So, the people of OWS don't know who or what they are, yet you know all about them? You talk a lot about non-OWS groups looking to join or co-opt OWS and some "isolated incidents at various occupation events" but nothing about the ideology of the OWS people themselves until your conclusion when you have a sudden revelation. How convenient.

  • Aaron M. Rodriguez


    You bring up a valid point. However, there is a difference between a new movement failing to come to an agreement about what or who they are and those of us who understand the component parts of the organization on the basis of who endorses it and who participates in it.

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