Last week, a source(s) contacted talk radio personalities Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes with regards to Supervisors plotting and scheming to be the next County Board Chairman.  Although the position involves a $20,000 bump in pay, the Chairman of the Board is also desirable because it wields the authority to affect County policy though committee appointments.  The Board Chairmanship also has a media presence second only to the Milwaukee County Executive.  The seat could be used as a lunching pad to propagate biting partisanship or to be a clarion voice of reason.

Unfortunately, it will be a pulpit for partisanship since Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic is the new County Chairwoman.  Dimitrijevic is likely the most liberal or second most liberal member of the County Board.  To give some insight as to Dimitrijevic's political leanings, she listed Marxist revolutionary and right-hand of Fidel Castro "Che Guevara" as someone she aspires to.  For those unfamiliar with El Che, he once grew frustrated with Castro for not being Marxist enough during their Cuban revolution.

To say the least, Dimitrijevic was certainly on her game.  She was the only Supervisor to create a political action committee (PAC) for the purposes of stocking the County Board with young, progressive members in her own image.  Presently, a lawsuit has been filed against her for illegally coordinating her PAC with her own reelection committee.  We await the verdict.

Supervisor Steve Taylor, however, held strong and voted for Supervisor Patricia Jursik - the most moderate Supervisor that threw their hat into the race.  This means that Taylor likely declined bribes or committee positions proposed by Dimitrijevic.

Our prayers are with County Executive Chris Abele who may run into a new stumbling block in his efforts to reform County government.


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