The Savings and Costs of Government Employees

Over at the Badger Blogger and Scott For Gov,  Bruce wrote an enlightening piece about the wage and benefits of Milwaukee County employees.  It's quite surprising that the same employees showing up to protest Scott Walker at the Serb Hall a couple weeks ago all have premium employee benefits.  According to a recent study, Milwaukee County out-spends the business private sector by nearly three times the amount on employee benefits.  And these employees would rather you contribute more, in the form of taxes, to fill in the gap of a $90 million budget shortfall rather than take a cut in their own paycheck. 

Also, Patrick Dorwin at the Badger Blogger wrote a good piece on the importance of saving police and fire jobs during a budgetary downturn.  Cutting the jobs of emergency personnel should be reserved only for emergency situations and should be the last resort in fixing a budgetary shortfall.  And although the fiscal situation in Milwaukee doesn't look that bright, it's not considered emergent.

Dorwin also reminds us that cutting or furloughing police and fire positions is unsafe for the city.  He argues that Ladder Trucks ought to be staffed with 5 people.  This way, they can function as two teams of two while the pump operator stays at the pump panel where he belongs.  I urge you to spend some time reading both articles. For Dorwin's piece, I urge you to read the commentary section as well in order to preview the ongoing debate between conservatives. 

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