County Supervisor Mark (Urinal Mint) Borkowski told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently that he's "tired of changing urinal mints," a crude way of saying that being a backbencher in County politics is far more detestable than doing the right thing.  His vote for Dimitrijevic constitutes an ideological betrayal of the constituency that had voted him into office.  But there is a silver lining.  Borkowski received his thirty pieces of silver when his name coincidentally topped the list for Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Urinal-mint Borkowski said he learned a valuable lesson when he didn't vote for Lee Holloway more than a decade ago.  He was "wasted as political punishment," so he decided it was time to shine in all things County politics by selling his soul to spend-oholic Dimitrijevic.

Be careful.  Milwaukee County is an unusual political animal.  Making deals with the devil can get you to the top one day, but get you recalled from office the next.  Every liberal measure, every obstructed and tanked budget, and every spending program that Dimitrijevic and her liberal friends manage to pass through the Board will be tagged to Borkowski's support of the new Chairwoman.

However, Borkowski has given us one consolation.  He said he'll "likely not vote for the county budget" because he expects it to carry imprints of Dimitrijevic.  Fascinating!  He votes to relinquish the keys of the County Board to an uber-liberal, but assures us that he will oppose her agenda by staying true to his conservative principles.  Brilliant work there Mr. Urinal Mint.

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