Ben Vargas to Testify Against Sonia Sotomayor

Latino Ben Vargas Expected to Testify for Republicans against Sonia Sotomayor 

Supreme CourthouseOn Thursday, July 16th, New Haven Firefighters Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas will testify against Sonia Sotomayor at the Senate hearing for the Republican party.  As recently adjudicated, the Supreme Court sided with Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas in their court case against the city of New Haven to toss a promotional exam that literally cost Ricci and Vargas their promotions and pay grade for nearly six years.  Republicans, therefore, will have yet another tool in the toolbox to use against Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor as they question her credentials and judicial philosophy.   

On the other side, Democrats have listed their witnesses that will testify on Sotomayor's behalf that is comprised of mentors, civil rights leaders (so called), and other allies who wish to see her wearing a Supreme Court robe.  They are expected to promote her education, experience, and her Hispanic ethnicity as a type of assurance for Obama's judicial selection.

What to Expect from Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas 

Undoubtedly, Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas will not only testify how Sotomayor's decision cost them their promotions, but how it affected their quality of life.  For instance, Ben Vargas reported that his position on the Ricci v DeStefano court case landed him in the emergency room of a local hospital.  On June 4, 2004, Ben Vargas was ambushed after exiting a bathroom stall at Humphrey's East Restaurant.  He was blindsided by two strangers, left bloody and unconscious on the bathroom floor.  This, of course, occurred just two days after a confrontation he had with a few black firefighters at a meeting intended to discuss a potential lawsuit against their own union - Local 825.  Oh, and was it mentioned that these same black firefighters were at the restaurant when the altercation begun?

Although it is widely expected that Sonia Sotomayor will be appointed to the Supreme Court, the Senate hearing will provide our citizenry with a good synopsis of the differences between conservative and liberal ideology as it relates to diversity in the workplace.  Liberal ideology supports the decision of Sotomayor to deny whites merit-based achievements if diversity is not promoted.  Conservative ideology supports the decision of the Supreme Court that diversity does not trump merit in the workplace.

Final Thoughts on Ben Vargas and Sonia Sotomayor

There will be an interesting matchup between Latino Ben Vargas and Latina Sonia Sotomayor.  They both share a Puerto Rican heritage, but do not share the same political ideology.  Ben Vargas represents a traditional Hispanic heritage that accentuates a culture of Christian faith, a right to life, and a traditional family structure.  Sonia Sotomayor represents a liberal ideology that emphasizes an entitlement paradigm over diligence and hard work.  This upcoming week, Republicans have an opportunity to show that Sotomayor believes that rewards don't come to those that work (Ricci v DeStefano), but to those who have an excuse to fail.    

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