The Democratic Party, on behalf of the liberal movement in America, is currently gearing up for a full-court press to woo Hispanics into the party.  The methods they will use are empty promises and exaggerated interest.

As a member of a group that was the recent object of liberalism’s short-lived affections, I can say from experience that they intend to recruit you into the philosophy of liberalism and absorb your power into the Democratic Party. Their single goal is a more powerful progressive movement; if Hispanics and others are helped along the way that’s fine, if they are hurt, the greater good of the movement is far more important.

If you volunteer to place yourselves under their umbrella, you will become a de facto advocate of all of liberalism’s tenets.  As you transfer Hispanic political power to the Democrats, you will in actuality be putting your power in the service of liberalism, not Hispanic interests. The result will be more prevalent liberalism, not improvement in the lives of Hispanics. Notice their tepid response to Fast an Furious.

They care about getting elected, and they will promise whatever it takes to make that happen.  When they get what they want they will be on to the next group.

The track record of liberalism speaks for itself; the method is to sweet talk groups that have political power and hijack that power for the purposes of the movement.  Notice that feminist, civil rights, environmental, and public advocacy groups are now more about liberalism than they are about their original cause; they’ve been absorbed by liberalism.

The liberals will court you by feigning empathy. Their hearts will apparently bleed for you. They will tell you that the lot of Hispanics is unfair and that you and they share a common threat- conservatives.  They will say that they care so much about you, that if you give them your votes, they will selflessly work in your interest. All the while they will be selling you the philosophy of liberalism in tiny pieces.

They will promise not to judge you, no matter how high your teenage dropout rate is or how high the illegitimacy or illiteracy rates get; they will tell you it’s not your fault, it’s because of white racism.  They will not judge you because staying on your good side is in their self-interest, not because it is in your best interest.

They will say that you don’t have the right to discipline your children as you see fit, they will say that neither do the schools because your children have rights. This will result in unruly children and later unruly young adults which will result in unruly neighborhoods. People and businesses who can afford to will leave.

Like a Casanova who can never live up to his heat of the moment promises of love and fidelity, it is not in the nature of liberalism to deliver on its promises. The pillars of liberalism- collectivism, relativism, socialism, humanism, and class envy, unavoidably lead to the same end: crime, poverty, over-reaching government, weak families, substandard schools, and suppressed commerce.

If you doubt me look at the Black community. Liberals have been smooth talking us for decades, and we’ve been handing them election victories like clockwork. They promise the moon every election cycle, but look at what it’s gotten us. They have not delivered on a single promise they made to us; we’re worse off by the year.
They will do the same to Hispanics.

Consider the state of America’s largest inner-cities. Liberals have had full control for decades and have implemented all of their improvements and fixes- and look at the shape they are in.

Look at what they have done to unions.  In exchange for access to the votes of the rank and file and more importantly to millions of dollars in yearly union campaign contributions, the unions have wound up with ever-dwindling numbers and having their campaign funds be the exclusive property of the Democratic party and thereby the liberal movement.

Consider Jewish people, the liberals seduced them by condemning anti-Semitism.  Many Jewish people repaid the favor by being solidly behind democrats and liberalism,  but now that they are in the fold liberals disregard the problems of Jews, like a playboy who has moved on to his next conquest. They defend virtually every adversary of the Jews and they are consistently anti-Israel. The only reliable supporters Jews have are conservatives, yet they receive little support.

Hispanics- liberals only dish raw deals, and they’re after you.  Learn from those of us who found out what they are about the hard way.
In all cases, the liberals get their money and their power; they absorb legitimate movements and use their resources for their own ends like the Borg on Star Trek.

They will tell you that you should not be proud of America. They will say that America has yet to atone for its past sins which include, but are not limited to imperialism, racism, and xenophobia. They will implore you to empower them to change America into a country worthy of praise.

They want you to distrust the police, the very people who will protect you. They will tell you that America does not like you and you need them to protect you, as if you are unable to succeed on your own merit.  What will that teach your kids? It will teach them that their own spirit, intellect, and ambition are insufficient.

Liberals think that just because you are Hispanic you are against enforcing America’s borders. It’s as if they think you’re all here illegally and therefore don’t respect the rule of law. They think all they have to do to gain the trust of any Hispanic is to waive the amnesty flag in front of them.  Are America’s laws about sneaking into our country any different from any other country’s?  They are only using this issue to get you to trust them.  They don’t care about the plight of Hispanic immigrants any more than they care about the plight of Black kids stuck in failing schools.  What really matters is that Hispanics become a solid and permanent voting bloc for the liberals just as Blacks, Jews, unions, academia, environmentalists, civil rights groups,  the media, and the poor have become.  Any fallout from that end is considered collateral damage.

When pop culture glorifies irresponsibility and violence and your children imitate it, the liberals will defend corrosive music and movies as crucial expressions of free speech even as their messages drain the life blood from your communities. They will say that the racist depictions of Latino life are accurate reflections of real life.  Get ready for a round of latinosploitation films that will cement our culture’s image of Hispanics as being downtrodden victims of the system, just as blacksploitation films still shape black’s public image in a negative way today.

Want proof? What comes to your mind when you think of the average depiction of the Latino experience in American movies? It’s probably a run down, crime-infested neighborhood where bandana wearing, gang-affiliated young Latinos with ties to Mexican drug cartels drive around in 30 year old sedans looking for rivals to shoot.

Hispanics- please don’t make the same mistakes that Blacks, Jews, feminists, unions and others have made. Do not throw your support behind liberalism and do not accept their philosophy.  Capitalism and individualism are the real paths to prosperity. Personal responsibility and personal freedom will help to unbridle the potential that Hispanics and all humans have.  Don’t believe the liberal hype. Look at what liberalism has caused in Europe, South America, and here in The U.S.A.  People from all over the world come here for the opportunities that conservative values offer. Don’t let them tell you that even though this country attracts millions of people, that you need them to radically change this country into something worthwhile.

America will be weaker if Hispanics buy into the community-crushing policies of liberalism. Don’t do it.


Chris Bell is a freelance writer

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