Presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney sets the record straight after his Latino outreach coordinator said Romney was evolving on issues of immigration.

Clearly, Republicans didn’t think their strategy out too clearly. They set up a press conference to talk about how the economic situation for Latinos have been depressed under the reign of President Obama, but didn’t prepare themselves for tough questions on immigration.

The RNC wanted to focus on how Obama’s policies were pushing the American dream away from Latinos, but didn’t see the apparent contradiction of not supporting any version of the Dream Act.

The worst part about all this is that they actually believe they can court Latinos without a comprehensive immigration policy - one that acknowledges that a mass deportation policy is too costly, too politically dangerous, and too economically harmful to America’s farming and hospitality industries.

What the GOP needs to do is take a page out of Utah’s play book and develop a guest worker program strategy that agrees with the general principles of conservatism while also respecting the rule of law and its proportional consequences. Until they do that, the Hispanic community will not trust the GOP enough to swing in that direction.

It’s disappointing to see a party unwilling to adapt to the changing demographics of our country while valuing the same anti-immigrant ideas supported by only a fraction of Republican voters. According to the 2010 Census, the Latino population of North Carolina doubled in size. With 43.8 percent of Latinos voters registered as Democrats and only 18.5 percent registered as Republican, it makes a swing state like North Carolina likely to swing Democratic.

What is the Republican strategy? They will recruit more local Hispanic Republicans to run for office and hammer on the message that the Democrats haven't kept their promises to Hispanic voters. Brilliant! Change the faces, not the policies; point the other direction and hope nobody looks your way.

At this point, I don’t believe choosing Senator Marco Rubio will make much difference of wooing the Latino vote. Keep ignoring the fastest growing population in the country and don't be surprised when Texas turns blue.


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