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There is a Latina politician making quite a name for herself, but she’s not from Wisconsin.

Illinois State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Auroa) didn't take well to Republican criticism of her Charter School bill, which would have eliminated the need for a state charter school commission.

Chapa LaVia appealed to the “local control” argument saying school boards should have the final say on charter schools in their districts. However, she veered down an unexpected path when she took a cheap shot at Republicans in the chamber for not having minority Representatives.

Chapa LaVia seemed to remember that the Republican chamber had at least some minority representation, although she unfortunately referred to him (Rep. John Anthony) as a “half.” Apparently, biracial minorities don't make the cut, or may be just half the cut. Sorry Barack, you're just a half.

According to CNS news, Chapa LaVia apologized for her remarks calling them inappropriate.

Rep. Anthony (the half minority) issued a response:

"As a black Republican, I recognize this is not the first time that race has been used in debate in a legislative forum, nor sadly is it likely to be the last. Our reaction should always be to condemn the use of race as a tool to divide Americans from each other; and instead recommit ourselves to debating public policy differences on their merits; and never on racial, ethnic, or purely partisan grounds.”



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