Paul Ryan: Part 6 - A Closer Look at H.R. 3200

This marks the final post in a six-part series unpacking the details of H.R. 3200. The final sections of the Majority's health care legislation focus on public health and workforce development.

Earlier posts on the first 855 pages of H.R. 3200 can be found here:
Paul Ryan on Health Care.

Specific page numbers listed below can be cross-referenced in the legislative text found here:

H.R. 3200 - America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

DIVISION C: Public Health and Workforce Development
Public Health Fund and Community Health Centers
Section 2002 (page 859) establishes a Public Health Investment Fund to pay for the activities included in Division C of H.R. 3200. A total of $89 billion will be deposited in this fund over the next ten years.

Section 2101 (864) authorizes an additional $38 billion over the next ten years for community health centers.

Sections 2201-2202 (865) provide additional assistance in funding and loan repayment benefits for the National Health Service Corps.

Sections 2211-2216 (870) promote primary care and dentistry through the authorization of new funding and the creation of new grant programs.

Section 2221 (892) amends the Public Health Service Act to increase loan repayment benefits for nursing students and faculty, and other forms of assistance to promote the nursing workforce.

Sections 2231-2235 (898) establish a Public Health Workforce Corps and provide additional funding to public health training programs

. Sections 2241-2281 (913) create new scholarships, grants, and programs to help health professionals in diversity training, interdisciplinary training programs, and assessment evaluations.

Prevention and Wellness
Section 3111 (932) establishes a Prevention and Wellness Trust that authorizes appropriations from the Public Health Investment Fund of $35 billion over the next decade.

Section 3121 (935) requires the Secretary of HHS to submit a national strategy designed to improve the nation's health through prevention and wellness programs, identifying specific national goals and standards.

Sections 3131-3132 (937) establish two permanent task forces focusing on clinical preventive services and community preventative services.

Sections 3141-3151 (950) establish grant programs to support the research and delivery of prevention and wellness services, while including directives to coordinate these activities between agencies at the federal level and with eligible entities at the state and local level.

Sections 3161-3162 (955) establish grant programs to improve core public health infrastructure.

Quality, Surveillance, and Miscellaneous Provisions
Sections 2401-2403 (965) establish a Center for Quality Improvement at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This Center's purpose is to prioritize quality improvement activities, identify/develop/evaluate/implement best practices. An additional $3.1 billion is authorized to fund the Center's activities.

Sections 2501-2531 (980) include a number of final miscellaneous provisions including discounts for certain drugs for rural hospitals, the establishment of school-based health clinics, and a new grant program to address the projected nursing shortage.


This brings us to page 1017 of the 1017-page bill. As stated at the onset of this series, I sought to summarize the details without editorial comment in an effort to bring greater light to a complex and consequential piece of legislation. Your feedback is important to me, and I'm hopeful that the summaries posted here can help add to an informed and respectful debate on this critical issue.

You're encouraged to write, call or participate in one of my 19 listening sessions and community forums in the weeks ahead. I will be in Racine on Thursday, August 27 from 1:30-2:30 pm at Gateway Technical College (Racine Building, Great Lakes Room #114, 901 Pershing Drive). For my contact information and for an updated listening session schedule, please visit:

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