Paul Ryan Provides Update on Health Care Debate

Why has there been such a backlash against the legislation?

The bill was written and released and now the truth is getting out. It’s just that simple. The bill is a thousand pages so it takes a while to digest a piece of legislation like this, but now everybody realizes that this rhetoric – “if you like what you have you can keep it” – this has completely been debunked. This rhetoric that it’s going to reduce healthcare costs, it’s going to bend the cost-curve; it’s going to be deficit neutral…the CBO has completely debunked all of that.

The problem is they had great rhetoric, and all these dog-and-pony shows, press-conferences, and hearings, but once the substance was released, then the objective third parties – the actuaries, the Congressional Budget Office – revealed that all that rhetoric was completely contradictory to the substance of this legislation. The things we were told we were going to get during the summer and spring are now revealed to be a hoax.

We already spent two and a half times per person on healthcare in America than any other country let us spend what we already spend more efficiently more effectively through markets, individuals, and choice with the patient-doctor relationship driving the system.

You can fix what is broken: a lot of people that don’t have health insurance; there are a lot of people with pre-existing conditions that cannot get good health insurance at an affordable price. We can fix things those things and we can attack the root causes of health inflation, causing premiums to go up. We can fix things without the government taking over, without creating a new entitlement, and trillions more dollars of new spending. There are many ways and ideas to do it and  I’ve proposed one of them.

August is the deal. You have to talk to your elected officials. Democracy still works in this country. It does make a difference. It really matters when we get phone calls and letters it does affect us.

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Paul Ryan