Governor Jim Doyle Raises Taxes as Unemployment Increases

By Walker Weekly

The independent Legislative Fiscal Bureau just reported that Governor Doyle's budget increases spending by nearly 8% and increases taxes by nearly $2,000,000,000! Add that to the amount pushed through by Doyle earlier this year and taxes will go up by almost $3 BILLION under his recent budget proposals. Even with his job-killing tax increases, his budget is still in the red to the tune of 1,500,000,000. No wonder a recent survey of big employers ranked the state of Wisconsin as the ninth-worst state in which to do business, according to an article in The Business Journal.

In a related story, Wisconsin's unemployment rate is 8.8%, the highest since 1983. As hard as it is to believe for Jim Doyle and the legislature, there might just be a connection between Wisconsin's high taxes and the high unemployment rate. Wisconsin ranks in the top ten for both. While some politicians like to score points by attacking "big business," the fact of the matter is that only employers hire employees. The sooner that Governor Doyle and the Democrat-controlled legislature realize this, the better it will be for families looking for work in Wisconsin.

Governor Doyle: Believe What I Say, NOT What I Actually Do!

Tired of the empty rhetoric that is coming out of some politicians' mouths these days? Well, you can add Governor Doyle to the list of politicians who are full of it. As you know, Doyle's rhetoric in his past and present budget speeches does not match his budget proposals that increase taxes significantly. This year's tax increase alone is over $2 billion dollars.

Now, Doyle's empty rhetoric, especially on taxes, is exposed in a column published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by John Nothdurft of the Heartland Institute.

Scott Walker Delivers Real Proposals to Get Economy on Track

Real leadership is needed now more than ever to get our struggling economy back on track. Scott has been traveling the state addressing the GOP grassroots and putting forward real ideas to jumpstart Wisconsin's economy. Check out this article from his most recent stop in Racine County, where he outlined his "Blueprint for Economic Prosperity."

Welcome Home, Governor Doyle! While You Were Out.

Governor Doyle's recent racking up of frequent flyer miles is well-documented. During that time, the following provisions were discovered hidden within the crevices of his 1,800 page budget:

· Eliminates learnfare, which requires parents to send their kids to school if they want welfare benefits.
· Cuts $1,000,000 in grants for programs to rid communities of pesticides, drugs, paint, solvents and old televisions, which adds another unfunded mandate by the state to the bill that local property taxpayers must now pick up.
· Makes Wisconsin less safe by cutting money for district attorneys, repealing Truth-In-Sentencing, and decreasing GPS monitoring for some sex offenders.
· Closes 24 DNR service centers, which will force residents living outside of Madison or Milwaukee to travel farther to get their hunting and fishing licenses.
· Spends $25,000,000 that state cell phone owners overpaid in taxes to fill Doyle's new government spending. Even when you over pay your taxes, the government won't give it back to you anymore.

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