Doyle's Dismal Budget and the Myth of "Saved" Jobs

By Walker Weekly

A Summary of Governor Doyle's Budget: Soft on Criminals, Hard on Taxpayers

Last week, the State Legislature held a public hearing on Governor Doyle's Budget at the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center in West Allis. The building was named for the Governor who cut both income and property taxes and signed Wisconsin's tough Three Strikes, Sexual Predator, Truth in Sentencing laws.

Apparently, the irony was lost on the Wisconsin Democrats writing the State Budget. They seem intent on returning Wisconsin to the high tax and crime rates of the 1980s. Legislators received an earful from average Wisconsin residents about Governor Doyle's proposals to increase income and sales taxes, cut money for district attorneys, and repeal Wisconsin's Truth in Sentencing law. Unfortunately, they seem hard of hearing.

Keeping His Promises

Like Wisconsin state government, employers and families, Milwaukee County is being affected by the economic downturn. Governor Doyle's solution is to increase taxes by nearly $3 billion and spending by over 8%. Scott Walker, on the other hand, continues to stand on the promise that he made when he first ran for County Executive - to spend taxpayer money as if it were his own.

This past week, he unveiled his Milwaukee County Financial Reform Plan, which makes the same hard choices that others (with the exception of state government) have to make. His plan includes laying off as much as 5% of the Milwaukee County workforce if necessary. Of course, had the County Board adopted his cost-saving plans to privatize services in the first place, much of the problem could have been avoided.

The Myth of "Saved" Jobs

Those who work in the "real world" are expected to deliver results each day, whether it is a number of sales calls made, the number of cows milked, or the number of mufflers replaced. Unfortunately, Democrats do not work in the real world. First, they talked about how the federal stimulus package would "create" jobs. Now they are backpedaling by saying that it will "create and save" jobs.  Even CNN was skeptical of the claim.

It brings to mind an old Bert and Ernie Sesame Street skit. Putting a banana in your ear still won't keep alligators away, and the so-called stimulus program still doesn't create jobs.

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