Fairly Conservative Becomes Walker's Online Stalker

Kilkenny Returns, and We're Not Sure Why

Fairly ConservativeIn January of this year, Blogger Cindy Kilkenny decided to take her Fairly Conservative blog offline for a much needed timeout.  In June, she re-engaged the public seemingly reinvigorated by what some might describe as a rather blinding hatred of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.  It took all but 9 days before Kilkenny began blaming Walker for everything wrong in her life including waste being dumped into Lake Michigan (not sure how she made that connection).

Fairly Conservative has quickly become the Online Stalker of Scott Walker, a position formally held in low esteem by none other than her new best friend, Chris Liebenthal.  Kilkenny published a post "Walker antics land him front page, above the fold" where she accused Walker (without a shred of evidence I might add) of engaging in a "pay to play" scheme with engineering firm, Graef-USA.  And in typical Capperesque conclusion, she wrapped up her post saying, "Scott Walker has more baggage than a pack mule - or is that donkey?  There's no way I'd trust the man to be governor." Well I suppose if one presumes a criminal action in order to prove it, then the case is closed.  Unfortunately, merely willing something to be the case doesn't always work.

Interestingly, when a blogger mentioned that Neumann didn't pay $20,000 in transfer fees on his properties, Cindy swept it under the rug as a "mess up in a private business."  (I'm not that sure defrauding the government is a private matter.)  So what we have is an accusation against a guy she doesn't like that didn't have a shred of evidence, and a dismissive defense of a guy she likes, whose "mess up" has been verified by the media and confirmed by Neumann himself.  No bias there, right?

Kilkenny seemed to soften her stance a bit by saying that if Walker wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety, then he should have avoided behavior that created such appearances.  Only one problem, Walker didn't make the decision to hire Graef-USA.  Public Works Director Jack Takerian made the decision with the approval of the Architecture and Engineering Department.  Walker said he felt comfortable with it, and it was done.  If she doubts it, she can call Mr. Takerian (Public Works Director) or Kent Lovern (Chief Deputy District Attorney) to confirm it.

No Bidding for Political Gain?

And as if making a fool of herself wasn't enough, she accused Walker of engaging in a no-bid process so he could have an "all clear report before September's primary".  Again, Kilkenny has her facts wrong.  The no-bid contract was accepted, from what I can tell, for two principle reasons.  First, it was accepted to reassure the public that the county was actively involved in expeditiously ensuring public safety.  And second, it was accepted because Graef has a superior knowledge and a more extensive experience with our county buildings.  Even long-time Walker critic, Lee Holloway, couldn't argue with that. 

I know that Kilkenny cannot see past her own cynicism, but a 15 year old died because a county building was unsafe.  Waiting 6-8 weeks for bids by multiple engineering firms is not wisdom, but sheer folly.

Oddly, Kilkenny is not hesitant to make accusations about a public figure based on nothing more than imagination.  And one would think her experiences as an alderman/alderwoman would make her rethink being a public attack dog.  Note to Cindy, how would you feel if people began, once again, lying about your record?  Does Alderman Scot Berg ring a bell? 

When a reliable Walker critic like Lee Holloway and political opponent like Mark Neumann call for immediate action on safety inspections, a light bulb should go off in Cindy's head that perhaps she doesn't know what she's talking about.  Fairly Conservative?  No, try Fairly Inaccurate.

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