Jill Bader as Communications Director

In August of 2009, Scott Walker's campaign manager Keith Gilkes began looking for a communications director.  The Governor's Association suggested a young press secretary by the name of Jill Bader.  Given her campaign experience with Bob Corker and serving as a spokeswoman for Lamar Alexander's reelect, considering Bader for the job was an easy choice.

Some say that Walker's election success was predicated upon the campaign's ability to run a single message.  Across the country, the GOP used cookie-cutter themes of fiscal responsibility.  What separated Scott Walker from others was his executive record of real budgetary shrewdness.  Fiscal responsibility, exemplified by Walker's brown bag theme, was a message that resonated with Wisconsin voters - a message that was executed skillfully by Jill Bader.

Jill Bader was in charge of the general messaging for Scott Walker's campaign.  It also involved interfacing Walker with the public.  She did this through speech writing, press releases, website content and campaign advertisements.  But she was more than just a media handler, Bader was a key player in the strategy room.  She staffed the campaign, executed the famous "Brown Bag" theme and briefed Walker on developing stories.  It really is an impressive story for a 27 year old.

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