Jim Doyle and Wisconsin Democrats

By Walker Weekly

"Moderate and Conservative Democrats" is an Oxymoron in Wisconsin

In the November 2008 elections, Democrat Legislative candidates ran as pro-job, fiscal conservative centrists. As a result, Democrats were able to win narrow majorities in the State Assembly and Senate. Unfortunately, these "conservative" Democrats should have come with a disclaimer like the infomercials that state "results may vary" because there is nothing conservative about their voting records so far. Although the new Democrats have been in power less than 100 days, they have already been as liberal and predictable as the old Democrats:

•Voting to increase taxes by $250,000,000

•Voting to make it harder for employers to get loans

•Voting to support a law that is directly blamed for killing nearly a thousand new jobs in the Chippewa Valley

•Voting to allow more drug offenders to keep their drivers licenses

•Introducing a proposal to give 17 year olds the right to vote

The Legislative Democrats did the same thing the last time they were in power during the late 1980s and early 1990s, but then Republican Governor Tommy Thompson used his veto pen to defeat their bad ideas. Unfortunately, these days Democrat Governor Jim Doyle is more than happy to sign into law any criminal-coddling, tax-increasing, job-killing bill that crosses his desk.

Jim Doyle - the Un-Tommy trying to Un-Reform Wisconsin's Welfare System

Long before it was a national issue, Tommy Thompson fought to reform Wisconsin's welfare program. He succeeded, and his W-2 "Wisconsin Works" gave people the tools they needed to succeed. It eliminated government handouts, required parents to make their children go to school, and broke the cycle of dependency that trapped generations of families in hopelessness and poverty. By any objective measurement, Wisconsin's welfare reform was a success. From 1987 until 2000, Wisconsin cut its welfare caseload by more than 93%.

Governor Jim Doyle wants to return Wisconsin to the bad, old days where welfare recipients were showered with as many handouts as possible without the necessary responsibility. Doyle's proposals are so outrageous that even Democrat Legislators are publicly opposing his proposed rollback of welfare reform.

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