I am impressed with the depth of your analysis and logic. Since Walker is now a gubernatorial candidate, and I am from outstate now (born inMilwaukee tho), and have limited coverage of what goes on in Milwaukee, I have been trying to accumulate evidence pro and con, and your info in this and other articles has been a help.

In the incident described in the article, I am reminded of the race card repeatedly being played with regard to our president. Seems any critic is labeled a racist, biased against our "first black president." Perfect opportunity for me to play my trump cards. First, Obama is at best half black. (Say it fast it sounds like an insurance commercial.) Second, I point to the likes of Walter Williams, Tom Sowell, Anne Wortham, Larry Elder, Rev David Manning, Milwaukee's own Rev. David King, and last but not least, Alan Keyes. All are blacker, all are critical of the anointed one, and for the record, most would make a better president.

So count me with the above "racists" who see through the faulty policies BHO is inflicting upon us. Looked at critically, it is clear that not only blacks, but leftists in general CAN be, and many are racists. Fie upon their kingdom.