Scott Walker Announces Bold Ways to Stimulate Economy

By Walker Weekly

Scott Walker Calls for Suspension of Sales Tax, Announces Bold Ways to Stimulate Economy

On Monday, County Executive Scott Walker outlined his positive vision for the future of Milwaukee County. His plans would provide a stimulus to the economy through major tax cuts and by putting people to work immediately.

Scott Walker is boldly calling for a suspension of the sales tax through the end of the year. This would save Wisconsin taxpayers $3.26 billion in 2009.  Scott Walker also highlighted several shovel-ready projects that can put people back to work. Building the UW-Milwaukee School of Engineering on County property, as well as moving the County Mental Health Complex to the old St. Michael Hospital would put people to work and truly stimulate our economy.

Scott Walker views these challenging times as an opportunity to propose bold initiatives that put family budgets ahead of government budgets by streamlining government and reducing the tax burden in Milwaukee County. Click here to read more of Scott's Blueprint for Economic Prosperity.

Jim Doyle Fills Enormous Budget Gap with Tax Hikes, Federal Bailout

In stark contrast to Scott's innovative and optimistic vision, Governor Jim Doyle continues to spread his "doom and gloom" outlook for our state.  On Tuesday, he will propose a state budget that attempts to fill a ballooning $5.75 billion deficit.  Rather than rein in spending and government waste, Jim Doyle will use major tax hikes and a bailout from Uncle Sam to remedy another failed state budget that sinks us deeper into debt and increases our tax burden again.  This approach in a struggling economy is simply unacceptable.

Doyle's idea of stimulating the economy is to increase taxes and expand government programs rather than help employers create private sector jobs.   What Wisconsin really needs is strong leadership, honest budgeting, and tax relief for working families so that they can keep more of their hard-earned dollars. This is the best recipe for getting our economy moving again.

Since taking office, Jim Doyle has a dismal track record when it comes to economic growth. He has dramatically increased both taxes and spending; he has stuck Wisconsin with the fourth highest budget deficit in the country; he has even increased the number of state employees by nearly 5,000 in 2008 alone (despite promising to cut 10,000 jobs).

While Wisconsin families need help making ends meet for their budgets, Jim Doyle has instead decided to take care of the government's budget first.  This is not leadership, and the people of Wisconsin deserve better.

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