Scott Walker on Taxes and Business

By Walker Weekly  

Whose money is it anyway?

Just last week, governor Jim Doyle told the press that his budget:  “is the largest cut in general tax revenue spending since the Depression — a 3.5 percent cut.” 

Jim Doyle’s $62.2 billion budget uses $2.2 billion in federal stimulus money to increase state spending by over 6%. Where does the Governor think federal money comes from? It pains me to see Governor Doyle treat federal tax dollars as though we’re not the ones still footing the bill.

And while Jim Doyle boasts a historical cut in general tax revenue spending, he neglects to mention that his budget also includes the largest tax increase in state history and will leave a $2.25 billion deficit
 in the next biennium.  Two years from now, when the one-time federal money is gone, the state will either have to cut spending or raise taxes.

Of course, Jim Doyle and the Democrats will tell us that they have cut state spending. We know better. They expanded costly entitlement programs and doled out tens of millions of dollars in pork projects while working families struggle to make ends meet. This is unacceptable.

I am running for Governor because I want to put the state government back on the side of the people.  I believe we need to prioritize state spending based upon needs. Just because a government program has a high-priced lobbyist doesn’t mean it should continue (let alone receive automatic funding increases).  What’s more, we should strip policy and pork projects from the state budget. The process should be about funding essential government services based on the taxpayers’ ability to pay.  It should not be about rewarding lobbyists and government inefficiency.

Together, we can put our state back on track while working in the best interest of our residents —not the special interests.

Jim Doyle Boasts "Pro-Business" Budget

Governor Jim Doyle recently told the Wausau Daily Herald that his budget promotes economic development and job creation through a variety of tax credits.  This is the same Governor who has signed over $3 billion in tax hikes this year, including an increase in the capital gains tax. Jim Doyle also signed a new tax law requiring combined reporting for companies who do business in other states.  This new tax is estimated to cost Wisconsin businesses $215 million annually.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin continues to lose jobs at an alarming rate.

Last week, Briggs & Stratton
announced plans to close plants in Jefferson and Watertown by early next year. The closing will mean both a permanent loss of 530 jobs and the presence of a generous community partner.

The fastest, most effective way to create new jobs is to cut taxes and implement regulatory and fiscal policies that encourage job growth and economic investment. History has proven time and again that when taxes are cut, consumers and investors spend more money. Reducing the tax burden will allow small businesses to invest more of their resources into job growth and production.

Instead of protecting private sector jobs by holding the line on taxes and spending, Governor Jim Doyle has chosen to protect public employees by raising taxes on businesses and families. We can do better.


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