Scott Walker: Why Not a Sales Tax Suspension?

By Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker
Recently, we were back in La Crosse to talk with business and community leaders about the economy in Wisconsin.
I asked a simple question: Imagine if Wisconsin used the federal stimulus money to truly stimulate the economy? Specifically, I propose using $3.26 billion of the federal funds allocated to Wisconsin to end the state sales tax for the rest of 2009. Imagine the benefit to retailers, to automobile dealers, to home builders and remodelers and to so many others hurt by the recession. Wisconsin would become a magnet for commerce.
The best part is that suspending the sales tax will create jobs without adding to the size of government or creating future budget holes.
In contrast, Gov. Jim Doyle's state budget uses $2.5 billion in one-time federal funds and $2.2 billion worth of new taxes to plug his budget deficit.
Doyle has it wrong. Raising taxes, especially when the economy is unhealthy, is not the answer. Cutting taxes to stimulate the economy and create jobs is.
Hope doesn't come from a government handout. Hope comes from rebuilding our economy and restoring economic security for our families n in the Coulee Region and across Wisconsin.
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Scott Walker