Well, this is embarrassing. One Wisconsin Now, a union funded and fact challenged nonprofit organization, choked on the rather large foot crammed in its mouth over the weekend.

At Right Wisconsin, managing editor Brian Fraley put up this lovely screenshot of One Wisconsin Now’s twitter feed that took a political cheap shot at Governor Scott Walker as he tried to honor Nelson Mandela in death.

It’s refreshing, at the very least, to see One Wisconsin Now (OWN) recognize that Mandela was a global leader for freedom because of his stance on voter rights. It became very apparent that the brain trust of OWN knew nothing of the steps Mandela took to protect the integrity of the ballot.

Mandela, as my colleague Rick Esenberg noted, supported voter ID and required each citizen intending to vote to have two identical color photographs and a certified copy of one’s a birth certificate. These are more stringent rules than those awful, anti-minority Republicans in Wisconsin who spend their every waking, duplicitous hour plotting and strategizing how to suppress the votes of those who are not legally allowed to vote.

Esenberg notes,

“Having to obtain a birth certificate to get a photo identification card is, of course, regarded by OWN and other opponents of voter ID as tantamount to fascism. Who knew that Mandela's South Africa was so Republican?

But OWN isn't the only one to suffer from foot in mouth disease on this. Jesse Jackson made the same blunder.”

Of course, a blunder is one thing. The dynamic nature of Twitter does not allow mistakes to be undone easily. But, the rate at which One Wisconsin Now cavalierly turns facts into fiction seems to rival only the mighty Onion.

Without a doubt, Scot Ross, the executive director of OWN, knows how to find records and public documents; he's just decidedly inept at understanding them.

Over the weekend, Governor Walker’s tweet about Mandela showed class. Ross’s tweet to Walker showed he’s just an . . . well, you get the point.

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