The Audacity of Life

Health Insurance and the Brand New “Life Tax”

Obamacare DietThe United States House of Representatives passed a truly historic legislation on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Despite bipartisan opposition, the bill passed and brings with it a new generation of health insurance for all (well, most) American citizens and residents. It also brings with it some truly unprecedented entitlements, requirements, benefits, and penalties.

Among those unprecedented items that truly sets an historic benchmark is the fact that the United States Congress has established that it has the power to tax life itself.

When Social Security was enacted, it implemented a tax to support our fellow Americans who were in need, particularly the elderly, the poor, and children. That tax still serves that purpose today. Medicare implemented a tax to provide medical care to those who are no longer able to maintain gainful employment and provide for their own insurance and care. Various other taxes are levied to provide services to the less fortunate, to provide for the national defense, to help maintain our infrastructure and develop and maintain our economy. The American people understand most of those taxes, and tacitly agree that they are often going for good purposes that benefit the entire country.

The Health Care bill, however, has reached a new altruistic level. No longer are Americans to be charged only to provide benefits to other Americans, and possibly themselves as well. No – now we will be required, under penalty to be leveled by everyone’s favorite government agency, the Internal Revenue Service, to pay for the very right, nay privilege of being alive. It is a tax – on ourselves to be used – for ourselves.

By demanding that Americans purchase Health Insurance, henceforth to be known as the “Life Tax,” the Democratic Caucus has communicated to the entire country that all men are, indeed, created equal. That they have been endowed by their Congress with certain unalienable rights. That among these are Health Care, Debt for Future Generations, and the Pursuit of Rationing.

Of course, we are incapable of recognizing and fulfilling the promise of such glorious ambition. So the saviors/overlords who are so much smarter, and so much more enlightened, and so much more not Bush that they won an election and have been called by Obama to show us the way, by force if necessary.

And force is what it shall be. An army shall be called forth to audit to and fro, calling down penalties from on high against the untoward insurgents who dare not offer up an adequate tribute for the privilege of Life, and the right of Health.

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