Health Care Plan Promises More Government Intrusion

A Growing Big Brother Government

Immigrants of all sorts settle in the United States to live a better life. The U.S provides a safer environment, better educational opportunities, and a free market that promotes prosperity. And although we live in the land of free, each passing year Americans are losing more and more of their freedoms. It was Thomas Jefferson that once said,

"The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases."

Currently, a Democrat-controlled Congress is trying to pass a 1,990 page health care bill that creates 111 new federal bureaucracies at the tune of 1.055 trillion dollars. To give some perspective of how big a trillion is, imagine someone spending a million dollars each day starting from the time that Jesus was born until now. And yet one still would not have spent a trillion dollars throughout that span of time.

Uncontrolled spending is only part of the problem. The current health care bill will force health care insurance on everyone in what is called the "individual mandate". It would forbid people of all ages the option to forgo government insurance. This would be the first time in U.S. history that Congress forced Americans to purchase a product. And in many cases, people will be purchasing a product they don't need.

Here is how it would work. A 25 year old healthy male will have to pay for a plan that covers many different diagnostic testings like mammograms and stress tests. And since young men are not at risk for breast cancer or cardiovascular disease, they are forced to purchase coverage for expensive procedures that will not benefit them in any way.

Invasion of Privacy

Democrats were quite adamant to criticize George Bush for passing legislation that empowered the government to wiretap our phone lines. They said the Patriot Act handed the federal government too much power to invade our privacy. And yet the same people who were opposed to wiretapping then are okay with the government knowing the last time you visited a doctor and what medical conditions you have.

Consider this: a politician runs for the U.S. Senate at a time when a victory would provide his party with a political control. What people don't know, however, is that when he was younger, he contracted a venereal disease through an extra-marital affair. With a government-run health care system, his medical history would be stored somewhere in a library of government files. How hard would it be to gain access to sensitive medical information to smear his reputation?

Government Intrusion

Now consider this: the costs of health care insurance will skyrocket under government management. This is not a guess. Government-run programs are more expensive than bureaucrats like to estimate. For instance, in 1967, Americans were told that Medicare would cost only $12 billion by 1990. The actual cost by 1990 was $110 billion showing that Congress was off by 10 times their estimated amount.

In 1987, Americans were told that Medicaid would cost $100 million by 1992. The actual cost by 1992 was $11 billion. Congress was off by more than 110 times the amount. The federal government is notorious for executing programs that waste money.

And worse yet, when costs get out of control, government will start telling you what you can eat and what activities you should avoid. Why? Because our unhealthy living is costly to them. When we give the government control of our health care, we give them the right to control costs and dictate how we should behave.

More to the point, the federal government is currently levying a "sin tax" that is supposed to deter consumers from buying "less healthy" products like cigarettes for example. And more recently, Congress is considering how much money to take from the NFL because players have an increased risk for brain injuries. Like Thomas Jefferson said, the more government grows, the less liberty individuals will have. Remember one thing, no matter how isolated you may be from politics, politics is not isolated from you. Voting is one of the most powerful tools we have to protect our freedom.

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